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Production Process

Quality doors demand quality construction. Zanera does not "cut corners" when we manufacture our products. We own the entire production process from the beginning till the end, and do not outsource to third parties to ensure all steps are properly managed and quality is assured.

STEP 1 WOOD SOURCING. Zanera manages a forest concession in Central America. We therefore harvest our own trees in order to ensure premium grade Mahogany for producing our exquisite products. Dedicated to reducing our ecological impact on the earth, our concession is in a "managed forest."

STEP 2 LUMBER STORAGE. Zanera has its own lumberyard where we select and store various wood qualities in different categories, which will then be used for different applications.

STEP 3 KILN DRYING. Our kiln oven, which has a 25,000 board ft. capacity, is used to properly dry our wood at the right humidity level to control the moisture content. We then let our wood acclimate for 2 months to prevent our wood from cracking before using it. This process guarantees that your products will resist to different climate changes.

STEP 4 AUTO CAD CREATION. Our CAD department, made up of architects and engineers, creates detailed CAD drawings based on your specifications. Once you approve these CADs, the doors and windows are ready for production.

STEP 5 COMPONENTS CREATION. Constructing the rails, stiles, wood panels, jambs, grills and glass panels.

STEP 6 COMPONENTS ASSEMBLY. Milling, gluing, clamping, pre-hanging, and installing locks and hinges.

STEP 7 FINISHING TOUCHES. Sanding and applying the panels, glass, iron grill, prime coat, and stain.

STEP 8 QUALITY CONTROL. Taking a picture of your door for our records, and reviewing the construction and finish to make sure it matches the approved CAD and quotation.

STEP 9 SHIPPING. Wrapping, packing and placing in a solid and secure crating system specially designed to protect our furniture grade products and ensure that they will arrive in perfect condition to your location.